Sett Valley Cycles Bike Fitting

Sett Valley Cycles has a professional bike fit service that can help you acheive a more efficient fit on your bike.

The correct relationship between the cyclist's contact points and the bicycle (saddle/handlebars/pedals) is essential for the optimal bio-mechanical position in terms of comfort, efficiency & aerodynamics. With the use of a measurement jig and help from a computer drawing, we can give informed advice and set up your current bike or help you make a choice of size and set up on a new bike.

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The measurement jig is used to precisely determine eight body dimensions:
  • height,
  • left foot length,
  • right foot length,
  • inseam,
  • torso length,
  • left arm length,
  • right arm length,
  • shoulder width.
The model of shoe (sole thickness) & pedal (height) are also taken into account.


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